Petra Conti has 20+ years of experience as a ballerina. She is Vaganova-Cecchetti trained, but during her career she has been influenced by French, Balanchine, and Bournonville methods as well.


She is best known for full-length ballets, dramatic stories and roles that are not only very demanding physically and technically, but also emotionally and artistically. 

She is constantly focused on finding  new and better ways to execute, and teach technically demanding steps, as well as on finding the real artist within every dancer. 


The ultimate gift Petra Conti posses is the willingness to share everything she knows about ballet with the next generations of dancers...

Petra is truly passionate about discovering new talents and guiding them throughout the challenging, yet exciting journey of becoming professional dancers. 

Do you need help with your variations for an upcoming competition?

Do you want to get in top shape for your audition?

Do you want to polish your technique or work on the artistic aspect of your role?

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