"Swan Queen"

sculpture of Petra Conti

 by Holly Crocker Garcia

Sculpture available at cordair.com


Featured on Voyage LA, discover why  Petra Conti is the new star of Los Angeles!

"Vieni da Me" - the Italian version of the "Ellen show"

RaiUno. April 1, 2019. 

Petra Conti, alongside her husband Eris Nezha, shares her story about her career and personal struggles with tv host Caterina Balivo and millions of Italians.

True love for dance can help heal a body....

Read this touching article about Petra, published on Dance Magazine.

Personalized message video from Petra Conti!

You can now request a personalized video message from Petra Conti.


Do you want Petra to wish a happy birthday to your loved one? Send an encouragement message before a show to your friend? Or a "get-better" video for a person in therapy? 

Shout-outs and personalized videos by Petra Conti are available in English, Italian, Polish and Russian!